Well, here it is, finally. Apologies for not starting this blog sooner; if you’ve been to Africa you probably understand some of the factors why. I guess blogs are supposed to be witty and clever, like their authors supposedly are. I don’t know about this one so much, but hopefully the content (I’m in Africa, for goodness sake) will make up for any lack of blog-like wit.

At first, it will not be in real time, as I post events starting when I got here two months ago. I’ll try to put up a few days at a time so that it will catch up to the present soon (When will then be now? Soon.) But no skipping days! You might miss the building sense of tension as I get more and more frustrated with my program, such as it was, or as my host father becomes more and more overbearing or as I unexpectedly start to build a tenuous life in a village called Sango. But if you want to stick to the superficial action-oriented parts and skip the more sophisticated underlying emotional narrative then be my guest, you lazy bum.

The posting are distillations of my diary, so apologies if it’s a bit wordy at times. I have refrained from editing the content to reflect beliefs, impressions, or events that have happened since I wrote the original entries. You’ll get around to further developments in the things I talk about as you go. Editing has only been for style (though it’s still not exactly Shakespeare), length, and to omit particularly personal remarks that remain safely tucked away on my compter.

Enjoy, and please leave comments and questions to your heart’s content – I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this compelling drama.


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