Nyama choma

2 January 2012

I finally got to know KEDA today.  I was told all about the projects they’ve done in the past, the funding they’ve received, how they’re structured, how they identify people in need and how they develop new projects. They want me to keep working with them, though I think they were under the impression I had some connections to donor organizations, which of course I don’t. But I could help with proposals. They said it would only be for a few hours a week, so it would have to be while I was doing something else as well. It’s overwhelming; KEDA want to know what I’m doing after the program, and I just don’t know. I need to balance helping out with my own career goals. But if I’m not around, it will be more difficult to develop the CITA program, which has fallen in my lap. What to do?!

After the meeting, we had nyama choma (grilled meat) and it was the best meal I’ve had here yet!! It was so good. They bring a platter with a pile of  grilled meat to share (pork I think?). It has this lovely grilled flavor, and is served with a hot pepper salsa (it’s a common hot pepper but I’m drawing a blank right now on which one) that has the nicest flavor. Note: yes, I am eating meat. Explanation: it’s pretty ubiquitous, it’s culturally weird to be vegetarian, and most importantly, the moral objections I have to eating meat in America aren’t relevant here.

On the way home, we went to Himo market. I don’t like Himo. It’s not at all attractive and it’s dusty and kind of horrible. Really dusty today. It gets all over you, and in your nose and your eyes and you’re breathing it. Ugh. And it was hot with little shade. On the plus side, Mr Mlay bought some pineapples. Yum.

I’ve started taking walks in the morning because Mr and Mrs Mlay make me to eat so much, and so much carbs and meat, and I get hardly any exercise, since I’m not doing any farm work like I thought I would be. Good thing it’s only for month – after this I should have more control over what I eat and how much.


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