Tree nursery

30 December 2011

This morning was spent doing my own work, ie, typing up Swahili “lessons” in a way that makes sense. Why is this how I’m spending my morning? A big part of this program was supposed to be Swahili lessons. I have received none. I am self-taught only. Mr Mlay has things to take care of, so I’m just on my own during this ‘intensive program’. I will refrain from engaging in a rant right now.

In the afternoon, we finally went to visit a tree nursery that is a KEDA project. The visit had been rescheduled several times. There are little areas where they grow different kinds of seedling on a fairly small area of land. They fit a lot of seedlings, and probably make a lot of money off it in the busy planting season, the rainy season. I can’t keep track of the different types of tree, although I think maybe they expect me to. Just now, I’ve been showing my computer to Flora, Mr Mlay’s granddaughter. She doesn’t have one in school.




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