I am the real Tanzanian. No I am! No I am!

21 January 2012

So, when you say, ‘I’d like to see the place’ before you decide on moving in somewhere, you expect, to, you know, see the place right? Well, apparently that was a gross assumption on my part. KEDA’s secretary took me to meet the woman who has the place KEDA will rent for me. It’s in Njiapanda, which is basically a dusty hellhole, so I was skeptical, but open. We met her for lunch. She seems nice enough, speaks basic English. Then we went to see the house. Well, it’s not how I picture a house. It’s a couple of buildings that form an L shape, and different people rent rooms in it. And she didn’t have the key for my part. So yeah… Anyway, I really didn’t get a good vibe from it. Maybe I could live there, but working there, uh-uh. KEDA’s secretary wants me to stay there because he thinks I should know what living with ‘real Tanzanians’ is like – yes, you are remembering correctly, I’ve been in a homestay for five weeks. But I guess my hosts with their actual house and TV and, I don’t know, trees? are too well-off to count as ‘real Tanzanians’.


One thought on “I am the real Tanzanian. No I am! No I am!

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