Too much water; not enough water

3 February 2012

I went to Arusha today to have lunch with one of Alison’s Peace Corps friends who’s now the country director for AfricAid, which does girls’ empowerment. We went to this gelato place and I had smoked salmon and guacamole bruschetta! I’m not sure I gave off the confident vibe I should have. I feel like such a wimp next to these Peace Corps people! Arusha is much bigger than I realized, and very busy. Kind of crazy. It started to rain while we were eating, and when she dropped me off after lunch, it was pouring.  I should have embraced it and stood in a while, since the water in the house has been off since yesterday and I’m getting pretty ripe. Hot weather and inability to bathe do not go well together. My feet are absolutely filthy. I had to wear socks to bed last night to avoid getting the sheet all dirty, and I hate wearing socks to bed. Anyway, after lunch I wandered around the market and  bought some cinnamon, a kanga, and some Maasai-style beaded sandals (some stylish footwear as an alternative to my tourist gear.)

On the way back to Moshi, we passed through some weird weather. You could see it as we came up to it, and it was like you couldn’t tell where the rain ended and the dirt began. The air was wet and dirt-red.

So yes, no water in the house. I don’t know why. It just stopped flowing yesterday. I have enough in the filter to use for drinking and cooking but not washing myself or the house or the dishes, and the ants are having a field day with the dirty dishes. Mama Dora gave me some water. She gave me this big container of it, which she lifted onto her head and carried to the house. When I picked it up to bring it inside, I could barely lift it a foot off the ground – and she put all the way up on her head!!!


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