Approaching rain

10 February 2012

A cool breeze! Usually in the afternoon breezes do very little to cool you down because they just blow hot air around. But this one, from rain, is a little cool.

When it rains here, at least at this time of year, you can smell it very strongly. It’s only rained a couple of times. It’s not raining here right now, but somewhere close. It’s a rain/dirt smell. There was some thunder too. It is so much cooler without the sun! But it will be back.
Yesterday I made a friend!! She was thinking of staying at the house but took an apartment in town instead. Oh well, we met up for lunch, and we have some fundamental things in common and are in a similar place in our lives, I think, and so, yeah, it was good. And she knows some people in town, so she’ll introduce me to them and I might even – can you believe it? – have a small social life. Yay! Not to belittle Mama Dora’s friendship, of course. I very much like spending time with here and count her as a friend and a sister.

I’m going to have to start turning the water off at night; last night was the third night in a row that the tank was gushing. It’s a monumental waste, here in the dry season, and it’s going to be very expensive. I had a serious ant invasion last night. The little ones were especially active all day, which I can live with, but some bigger ones came in and some of them are red-ish and just worry me, and they were increasing, so I had a little battle do with them, that unfortunately ended with me standing there whacking them all one at a time with my sandal. Poor things. And ick, pancake of squished ant on my sandal!


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