Full moon

6 February 2012

It’s a full moon tonight and wow! It’s like having a giant lamp in the sky – it’s so bright. You can easily walk around outside without a flashlight.

Moonrise behind a Baobab, as seen from my house

I went into town first thing (ish) today, being out of breakfast food. I went to a restaurant and had a chapati and an andazi and tea, which is spiced and made with milk. Very yummy. Then I went to check out Abbas Ally’s Hot Bread Shop and Aleem’s grocery, both ex-pat haunts. The Bread Shop was indeed a bread shop, and had all sorts of good looking bread for what seem to me like very reasonable prices. They also have cakes (actual American-style cakes) and some other various pastries like buns, cookies, etc. Good place. I bought a flatbread with cheese and onion. I’ll eat it tomorrow with beans…mmm. Aleem’s was also interesting. Caters to ex-pats and has all sorts of things, like Betty Crocker cake mix and Old El Paso salsa! Of course this imported food is more expensive than local food, as I’ve said, and also I just feel weird eating it. Only African food seems right these days, like I’ve made the switch and can’t go back or mix it up. Well, except for those cookies I got in Arusha, wow, I want to go back just to get more. But they were at least made there. And oatmeal. Good ol’ Quakers. A latte (which, along with the tea, sated my craving for calcium for now) and lunch, then home.

In the evening I went to visit Mama Dora and family, and had a nice visit. We talked about cooking. She might show me how to make makande, which is maize kernals cooked with beans in oil and coconut milk, and probably some onions or something for flavor. She said she would teach me and give me a bowl. We’ll see! We really can communicate; it’s pretty cool. I study on my own, and then go talk to her and I inevitably hear a word or grammatical structure that I just learned, which is really great. So I’ll keep at it!

Tonight’s dinner is rice with, I don’t know, some sort of runny scrambled egg with vegetables concoction to go with it, and green beans. Yay, I’m feeding myself…


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