This tastes stripy…

1 February 2012

Today I had a productive meeting with KEDA about CITA, the program I ‘did’. I’ve also come up with an idea for a rainwater harvesting project for the HIV group I visited. For lunch, the KEDA guys took me to a restaurant that serves game meat. I asked them what kind of animal it was, and they said ‘You never know!’ Apparently it could either be zebra or buffalo. They issue a certain number of hunting licenses so it should be legally obtained meat. It was good but weird to think about eating zebra!

I had my first experience with Tanesco, the electric company, to pay my bill. They couldn’t find the file for the house (paper files still, not computerized), so I need to go back tomorrow. But generally people were helpful and friendly. But the outlets at the house have stopped working, so I need an electrician.

I spent some time with the kids at the in-laws, which was nice; more on them later. It was a full day, which is a very good feeling. And I had chapatis for dinner that I bought in town, so that’s always a good way to end the day.

Yesterday it was super windy, and I had to close all the windows. Even so, the dirt just piled up inside. It just swirled everywhere outside, and if I had gone out, I would have had to put a cloth over my mouth. But earlier in the day, there were butterflies!  Thousands of little white ones, flying past as far as I could see. Occasionally the wind would pick up and swirl them around. It was amazing, definitely a unique experience. I wrote a cow project, as KEDA had asked me to, with a small, medium, and large option, with the large one being the creation of a co-operative.  I don’t know why the want it or if they’ll actually do it.


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