A Saturday

9 March

Today I went swimming at the YMCA for the first time. They have a huge pool with a covered lounge area where you can relax with a drink and snack. It’s right on the road, but shielded from it by the YMCA building itself on one side and an empty grassy space on the other, so it’s very peaceful.

Then Amanda and I went out to visit a children’s village a little ways outside town. It’s in a beautiful location; surrounded by open space , forest in the distance and Kili looming over. They currently are home to 41 children, who are divided into four homes, each of which has a house mother. The staff houses I saw were reeeally nice, nicer than many American homes. They even have washing and drying machines!

Their director is interested in agriculture and they have a garden, a small banana farm, and a maize farm, but they don’t have anyone in charge of it, and the director is of course busy with other things. So I might spend some time helping out with that. It’s probably a good hour away from my house, but it would be nice to get my hands dirty and grow some food.


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