A plumber? Surely not…

3 April 2012

You’ll never believe what happened today – the plumber came!  The water issues have been piling up. I know I’ve written some about it, but let’s review. It all started when the thing in the water storage tank that senses when the tank is full stopped worked. It was late at night and I was awakened to the sound of water gushing from the tank. Well, it took me a couple of days to figure out how to turn the water off, so it happened more than once. And then I figured it out, but that meant that I had to have the water off at night and whenever I wasn’t home so it wouldn’t happen. Yes, this is inconvenient. But then it went to a whole other level: because I had the water off so often, the tank ran empty one day after the trees had been watered! Ok, not cool. Now, let’s note at this point that was shortly after I moved in – two months ago. Ok. More recently, one the taps outside bit the dust and wouldn’t turn off unless you held the handle down, so I’ve been balancing a rock on it. Then the superfluous sink in the dining room leaks like crazy. And the drippy kitchen finally gave up the ghost entirely and stopped turning off. Even before these things happened, I was hit (and nearly fell over) with a $60 water bill.

So, after weeks of being told the plumber is coming, the plumber is coming, he came. We went to town together to buy the new parts he needed. $75 bucks later, we had them and he was installing them. Brilliant. Last thing he needed to do was put the new sensor in the tank. Here is my water tank:

What do you think happened? Here’s a hint: you need a tall ladder to get up there. Have you guessed it? If you said, there is no ladder that tall in the whole neighborhood, you guessed correctly. Gah!


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