Rainy season…take two?

4 April 2012

It has started raining again. This time it feels more like the rainy season is actually here, knock on wood. Good thing too – as my friend’s housegirl said the other day, without rain, they can’t grow corn to make ugali. And without ugali – hunger in Tanzania.

Ugali – stiff cornmeal porridge. The main staple here.

Ugali with meat and vegetables. Eaten with the fingers.

People have been re-planting, since the first time they planted, it didn’t rain anymore and the corn didn’t germinate. This can get expensive, replanting. But they have no other choice. People’s livelihoods and for many, their life, are completely dependent on the increasingly unpredictable weather.

When it rains, it pours. No, literally. An absolute deluge. It’s only happened at night, but it’s really loud and keeps me awake. I don’t really mind – it’s so needed. And then, today especially after a couple of nights of this, seeing the changed landscapes. Mounds that used to be there aren’t any more. The water has cut deep paths everywhere. The roads going up to the hills are already looking awfully muddy and rutted, and I imagine that if the rains keep up they will soon become impassable.

It’s much cooler, too. Humid, but not having the sun beating down makes a huge difference. And the breeze is cool. It’s wonderful!


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