Family, connected

3 May 2012

As you regular readers will know, my neighbor and friend, Mama Dora, means a lot to me. Her whole family is just fantastic; they’re such good people. My parents, having heard me talk about her and the kids, asked if they could sponsor Dora to go to boarding school, which is usually the only way to get a good secondary education here. It’s inexpensive by American standards, but for most Tanzanians, it’s out of reach.

So last night, I told Mama Dora, etc about their offer. I brought them a picture of us to see, and told them about how I had told my parents about them and that my parents were happy I had friends like them here. Then, I said, ‘So Dora, if you want to go to boarding school…’, something changed in the air, a collection intake of breath, ‘…they will pay.’ They were so happy!  Tanzanians are not very emotive. Dora mostly just smiled shyly as she does, Mama Dora was grinning away, but Baba Dora was the most expressive. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, he jumped up and hugged me! They said many times to thank my parents and tell them how happy they are and actually Baba Dora hugged me several times. For a Tanzanian, he was absolutely beside himself. I was so happy. I gave them the photo to keep in their house. I’m going to take a picture of them to send to my parents, too. It was so wonderful. They absolutely deserve this.

The family, plus a neighbor boy.


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